Airbag Shunt
Airbag Shunt Airbag Shunt
Airbag Shunt

Product ID: SH103

NEW Plug and Play Airbag Shunt

Sure Grip brings you their new airbag Shunt. Our new plug and play shunt will save your tech time and you money. Universal to most vehicles with knee bolster airbags, Installs in less than 5 minutes.

The new Sure Grip SH103 Airbag Shunt allows you to easily avoid the airbag warning light associated with knee bolster airbag removal. With an easy plug and play fitting, installation of the airbag shunt is the easiest on the market! To return the vehicle to OEM just unplug the shunt and plug back in the airbag.


  • Cuts installation time down by 95% when compared to standard airbag shunts on the market.
  • Plug and play fitting requires no soldering, crimping or wire stripping.
  • Fits most common 2006+ vehicles.
  • Simple return to OEM functionality.

For more information on this product, please contact your dealer or the manufacturer.

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